How do you know it’s really organic?

We interviewed Eve Organics to find out more about REAL organic beauty products…

So where did the idea for Eve Organics come from?

Well, I suffered myself for many years with adult acne, and it occurred to me on my skin care journey that it was almost impossible to find skin care products that were truly 100% natural – even the ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ skin care brands out there still had one, two or more toxic ingredients in them – and the truly natural products I did find were few and far between. So I thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere people like me could go, where absolutely everything on there could be trusted to be natural – a one-stop-shop for 100% natural products, to save busy women (and men!) from spending hours trawling the internet for natural skin care.

How do you select product ranges for Eve Organics?

Well, I’m always on the lookout for new ranges, and the plan is to expand the site into other areas and stock more kinds of natural products as well as skin care. Basically, I just spend a lot of time researching the industry and the brands that are out there – I visit handmade markets and websites looking for products that meet my criteria – 100% natural, ethical, with beautiful packaging – because that’s important too! I also like to try products before I make the decision to stock them – so as a result of that, I’ve tried and can recommend every product stocked at Eve Organics. If I feel the product is lacking in quality for some reason, I won’t stock it.

Tell me more about the ethical side of the business?

Well, I’m 100% against animal testing, for a start – no product stocked on Eve Organics has been tested on animals at any stage during its creation. I also encourage the use of fair trade ingredients – one of the products currently in our range is an African Black Soap that’s manufactured by the women’s co-operative of Ghana, West Africa. I also recycle as much as possible when it comes to packaging, and use 100% biodegradable EnviroFill box packing, which is made from flour and water – you can eat it!

Why should people be using 100% natural skin care?

Why not? It’s estimated that over 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream – so it makes sense to carefully consider what’s in our cosmetics. We place so much emphasis on what we eat and drink, but the skin is the body’s largest organ – it needs to be looked after too. It’s frightening when you realise what’s actually in the majority of commercial skin care products. What’s more, it’s a largely unregulated industry, and there’s a common process called ‘green washing’, whereby a company may use 2 or 5% natural ingredients in a product, and then put labels on the bottle like ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘contains natural ingredients’ – I’ve even seen some products that are labelled with things such as ‘paraben free’ – but they contain other toxic ingredients! You’ve really got to be so careful – become an educated consumer and read your ingredients lists carefully.

Eve Organics stocks real organic beauty products from a variety of high-quality Australian and international brands. By assessing each product themselves, Eve Organics is saving you time and money on your hunt for natural skincare. To find out more visit

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The NW Fashion & Photo Night

A networking opportunity with a stylish twist…

New Work Photography recently turned one and this is a good excuse to hold a fabulous party.

The New Work Fashion and Photo Night will provide guests with a number of stylish treats, including a fashion show by the exciting new designer Caldi Design, an opportunity for guests to have their glamorous Style photo taken under studio lights, an exhibition of fashion and art photography, sumptuous canapes and beverages and to top it all off, a range of fashion, beauty and photography door prizes!

In addition to the door prize draws on the night, there will be a couple of competitions leading up to the event, with more chances to win prizes such as one-off garments or accessories and photographic vouchers for personal, event or commercial photography.

The NW Fashion & Photo Night is not only a chance to pamper yourself, dress up and be entertained, but also a chance to socialise and meet new people in arts, fashion and other industries. Hidden underneath the glamour is a great networking opportunity!

If you are interested in arts industries in Perth, if you are a local business owner or if you just want an excuse to dress up, this is your chance. It’s also a great way to see some of New Work’s glamour photography services in action.

Tickets will go on sale at the end of the month, coinciding with the launch of New Work Photography’s new website. Keep an eye on and sign up to the mailing list to be the first to grab tickets. If you’re a real early bird, email to find out more and reserve tickets.


Thursday 10th March 2011 7:30pm


through the red door and upstairs

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A new look on the beach this summer

Jazally’s Beach-to-Bar wear and Cantik models added some extra sizzle to summer at The View restaurant in Fremantle on Wednesday, during a New Work fashion shoot.

With styling by Changing Faces Makeup, our models Kirsty, Ciara and assistant model Jazzy looked amazing, wearing colourful and versatile Jazally pieces perfect for the Perth lifestyle – wear your gorgeous coverup to the beach, then mix, match and adjust to change your look from day to night – so you can glide straight from the beach to the bar… and what better place than The View’s spacious balcony that gives the restaurant its name.

Jazally also specialises in a beach belt – a fashionable alternative to your daggy old bumbelt, to hold your phone or ipod as you work out.

Thanks to everyone for their dedicated work on such a sizzling hot day, and a special thanks to Ross, Jamie-Lee and the staff at The View.

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Subscribe Me! Increasing your database

Increasing my list of loyal subscribers is something I’m learning about gradually. I’ve experienced the thrill of watching long lines of people scribble down their email addresses at parties where I’ve done Style Shoots, and I’ve felt the lows of seeing the ‘Such-and-such has unsubscribed’ message in my inbox every now and then. Here are some of the strategies I  have found helpful in increasing my database. I hope you’ll share yours.

  • I’ve targeted key people asking them directly if I can add them to my mailing list, because I’ve really wanted to keep my business in their minds
  • I run competitions at events where if you sign up you are in the draw to win a free photo shoot
  • My next approach will be to run some online competitions, but I’m currently deciding on the best way to do this. One way will be to run them on my website
  • I’ve got signup buttons on my website, blog and monthly newsletters. I still need to add this to my email signature and social media profiles
  • I tweet or post about my e-news articles on various social media sites. This includes a link to the newsletter or article, with a signup button, as well as share buttons
  • I try to send only quality material that is interesting to read, such as fashion and arts news, things to do around town and hints for budding photographers and business people. I also reward my subscribers with special offers and invitations
  • There are now businesses and software designed to create more awareness for your business and get you more subscribers. One example is, which launches in Perth this month.

What’s working for you? Share it and help others. Oh… and if you want to subscribe to New Work’s newsletter and special offers, click the redcarpetcool button on the website  😉

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Stop e-bugging me!

How much is too much e-marketing?

I’ve experienced both the annoyance of being sent inappropriate material, and the little sinking feeling when someone unsubscribes (I’d love to know why they did but don’t want to bug them with another email!).

It’s essential to find a balance between leveraging your e-marketing opportunities and respecting your subscribers’ valuable time. Here are a few pointers to make sure you don’t become an e-bug!


  • Asking people directly if they’d like to sign up
  • Monthly e-newsletters you’ve signed up for, filled with quality content
  • Special invitations and offers from known senders
  • Emails to say hi or create awareness, after meeting the person (for example, I’ve sent a personal email to a boutique after chatting with the owner)
  • Finding a good quality, reliable e-marketing platform that handles your stats and your unsubscribes, plus gives you tools AND creative freedom to match your emails to your brand (I recommend


  •  Promotional emails sent to your inbox from somebody who’s picked up your email address from your website, without asking permission to send you stuff (I never gave permission to ‘Sharon’ from India)
  • E-newsletters that are just an ad for the business, with no real content
  • Sending news or promos more than 3 or 4 times per month (that’s the cut-off where this particular blogger starts to get annoyed)
  • Sending marketing when you’ve met someone at networking, without having asked their permission to add them to your mailing list (you’ll undo the good work you did during the face-to-face chat)
  • Passing on your list’s details to a third party without consent
  • Passing on other people’s newsletters to your mailing list. That’s not what they signed up for.

Finally, it’s important to remember that unsubscribes are a good thing, because it ensures your efforts aren’t wasted and brings you closer to your target market.

My questions: How do you find out the reason for an unsubscribe? What do YOU love and hate about e-marketing? Leave your comments here.

Look out for the next article on how to increase your e-marketing database.

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Ideas to make your Christmas party sparkle

Here’s a new way to play Secret Santa.

For more ideas on adding sparkle to your corporate or private party, see

or consider Style Shoots to add glamour and excitement to your event.

Refresh the Secret Santa idea. I learned a great twist on the traditional Secret Santa at an old work place. Everybody brought along a wrapped present, which could be as fabulous or as pathetic as they liked. The presents had no labels and were placed on a table in a big pile. With everyone sitting around, one by one you had to pick a number out of a hat. Whoever got number one got to choose and unwrap a present first, for everyone to see. Number two went next, but if they didn’t like their present they could forcibly swap it with Number one’s. Number three then had a choice of their own present, or Number one or two’s presents, and so on. This sounds strange but the fun of taking other people’s presents from underneath them lightens up the whole present-giving scenario and pokes fun at the commercialism of Christmas. It creates a LOT of laughter too.

You could do this in your work place or with your family and friends.

Do you have other unusual Christmas party ideas? Share them here!

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A day of stylish ‘infotainment’

The fabulous girls at Your Life Styled presented a day of ‘infotainment’ for women on Saturday 11th December in Perth. I was fortunate to spend the day with them, photographing the event. There were presentations by the whole team at Your Life Styled on organising and designing your home, understanding your man, and learning to dress for your body type. There were also guest presenters discussing children, money matters and surviving the most difficult of life’s experiences. Guests enjoyed a day of learning and laugher, lead by MC Johan from Sarvaga Light. At the end of the day the women each took away a beautiful gift and a goody bag of girly treats.

To purchase photos from the event please go to

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